This Is Where We Are e.p.

This Is Where We Are

Four days of glorious wine guzzling, craft beer drinking and of course the old friend, Guiness…produced the third e.p. release of the Little Pebble collection (previous titles…Blueberry Gumdrops e.p. (2005), Irish Winter e.p. (2009)). It was great being back in the cottage feeling healthy and able to enjoy the surroundings, the last time…I had the beginnings of the dreadful disease.  The majority of the tracks where in fact recorded in a very cramp spare room in Leith on the trusty eight-track.  I didn’t work that hard but the place, the air and most importantly the cottage inspired the six minute wonder that is Creak.  I’ve never written anything more than 5 minutes, so it’s officially a Little Pebble record. Literally. After several beverages, I began to write and record the song in a couple of takes, the acoustic version recorded will not see Daylight quite yet but will be released to my loyal mailing list followers (yes, you can sign up on the website people, do it!) later this year.

At the moment, you can purchase only the colour CD package (CD-R/card wallet), there are only and will be only 50 in existence, so grab yourself a copy now by clicking the image above…it’ll take you to my website and you can listen to the tunes before you buy.

Early May, all you digital junkies will have a chance to purchase via the usual suspects itunes, stream on spotify etc

Thank you again, The Cairngorms.

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