Bolder Album…Summer?

Almost at the point of mastering the new album and beginning to think it’s more a Summer album than a Winter release!

‘The world outside is calling me, lots of fresh air and vitamin D’

‘I watched the sky ’til it got lonely, not a cloud about just a fabulous blue’

‘You can get a tan the natural way’

‘The sun will be the one, to show us the way’

Well if I don’t listen to my own lyrics to tell me, nothing else will! So..


I’m gonna give you all the songs, released in dribs and drabs across the whole summer (Now until 1st Sept). Then…we’ll have a knees up and celebration and a one off live performance (Full BAND) at the beginning of October (too extend the warmth of summer..).

At this gig, you’ll hear the whole album in full plus some other pebble tunes from the archives, there will be an amazingz guest to play on the night, you’ll receive a 7inch Picture Disc copy of the single ‘Record Players & Tape Cassettes’ as part of your ticket price, you’ll see a reverse striptease, you’ll be able to buy the album on CD-R full-colour digipack, you’ll have a great time.

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