Recording @SwanfieldStudio

Fantastic week at Swanfield Studios!

Day 1 – Chris had stuck his drum parts down by quarter to one! What a champion – almost all in the first take.
Day 2 – 8 out of the 9 songs, meat and potatoes almost complete…progressss!
Day 3 – Buckley did exactly what I thought he could do, we have guitar solo’s people! Thanks blues brother!
Day 4 – Was all about Hundred Quid Later, making it sound an apt song to play in the middle of August! Up ya festival, come and watch Little Pebble & Friends in Leith instead.

I can’t recommend these guys enough – a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to record your music! Boy, do they know what they are doing!

Bolder will be mixed and mastered over the next couple of months, a short run of CD-R’s (50) will be put together and expect a release date in August 2014. As the title track suggests, expect a second release on vinyl later in the year!

One response to “Recording @SwanfieldStudio

  1. Unfortunately my old faithful Leith venue is closed at the moment, therefore I’ll be delaying the launch a couple of months, watch this space for details coming soon..

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